The Samadhi Legacy Foundation is a no-kill shelter and training center for all breeds of dogs. Our 1st mission is to rescue, train, foster, and find permanent homes for all our breeds, with an emphasis on Pit Bulls.

Our passion lies not only in animal rescue, but in our animal advocacy mission. Our 2nd mission as advocates is to educate. Our goal is to educate the public regarding the unfair stigma associated with “Bully Breeds” and to foster reform laws so that no-kill shelters are the norm.

Kathy BensonMeet Kathy Benson, Founder

Since 1989, Rescue Pit Bull founder Kathy Benson has worked in the field of transformational training, leading worldwide seminars that motivate people and enrich their lives. In 2012, shortly after the death from lymphoma of her beloved five year old Boston Terrier, Samadhi, Kathy led a seminar in Los Angeles, where her life was to change after meeting a woman named Jodi.

After exchanging correspondence about their beloved dogs, Kathy began to become aware of more and more of Jodi’s posts on Facebook showing photos of abused and neglected Pit Bulls who were about to be euthanized. And it was then, when Kathy realized that Jodi was making a difference by helping save these dogs, that a new rescuer was born.

Kathy started the Samadhi Legacy Foundation in Las Vegas with Tennyson as its first dog. Cut to two years later and Rescue Pit Bull has now rescued over 150 dogs “on our own”, meaning, these dogs would likely have not made it out of a shelter alive, had we not “claimed” them for our no-kill and training center.

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