How Are Donations Used?

It means the world to us that you’ve decided to open your hearts to the dogs. We are always striving to do more for the homeless dogs and in our community, and part of that effort is being very careful with donated funds. The least we can do in return for your generosity is to maximize the effect that donated resources can have on the lives and welfare of the animals we save.

40% of the donations are used to pay veterinarians.

30% is used for housing, feeding and caring for the dogs.

30% of the donations go to rescue dogs that go to other rescues.   This way, in the long run,  your donations will go towards saving 100’s of dogs.

0% Goes to pay anyone.  We are 100% volunteer.  This is NOT how I make my living.   I feel blessed to be able to have 100% of your donations support the saving of lives.

Most of my rescue will always be funded by my personal money.  If I won’t risk personally, why should I ask others to do so?  Your donations allow me to save more dogs and that way we all win.

Have questions? Please contact us.